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Annual report 2016
In 2016 Malawi still is affected by the consequences of the CASH GATE scandal of 2 years earlier when it came to light that for years money donated for fake projects had been gone to private pockets up to ministerial level.
Most donor countries no longer support Malawi with cash but only through NGOs, which is a loss to the Treasury. The Malawian currency, the Kwacha, is devaluated almost 50% in half a year time.
To make matters worse the rainy season had began late and rainfall was so far below level that the corn harvest had been minimal. Again a year with famine on a large scale. Fortunately MALAWI.KOM has not been discouraged and is successfully operating throughout the country.


February/March urologist Gert Jan Montagne visited the remote Chitipa District Hospital for follow up of the successful Prostatectomy training of the end of 2015. This was followed by a two-week working visit to NKHOMA HOSPITAL in Central Region where the rest of the year the urological care and training remained concentrated because of the facilities offered by the hospital, the number of urologic patients and the good training climate. In the autumn, he again spent a number of weeks in this trainings Center.



2016 was dedicated to Burns care. Burnings are common in Malawi. The treatment of major Burns is a challenge and except for a few Central Hospitals is nowhere properly implemented. Good care can prevent months long recovery periods and permanent disability.
In March and April, the team of MALAWI.KOM with surgical and nurse specialists organized workshops BURNS CARE in seven major regional hospitals of South Malawi. The participating hospitals received special instruments such as a dermatome (skin graft knife) and a mesher (graft enlarger). These courses were massively visited.
In December this course was offered in a number of hospitals in Northern Malawi.


Besides the supply of surgical and urological instruments and research equipment to the visited hospitals across Malawi, NSANJE DISTRICT HOSPITAL got new theatre lights. The BURNS UNIT of QUEEN ELIZABETH CENTRAL HOSPITAL in Blantyre received a costly electric dermatome.


2016 was a record year in terms of sponsor income. Of the donations over 12000 euro was intended for urology. We are unspeakably grateful to the many sponsors with their generous gifts who show so much confidence in the work we do in Malawi. The Annual Bike-and Hike Rally for Malawi Santpoort Beweegt (Santpoort Moves) delivered more than two thousand euro. Kim Petit finished in a glorious manner the complete Iron Man of Maastricht and won over seven thousand euro for Malawi.The Topper on the cake was the bike rally SAN SEBASTIAAN - SANTPOORT, by 16 super motivated middle-aged men complemented by Iron Lady Kim. The final yield amounted to over 50,000 euro.

Program 2017

  • In February visit by Montagne to LUSAKA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL in Zambia for training in prostate surgery and in Transrectal Ultrasound guided prostate biopsy.
  • Subsequent urological work-/training period NKHOMA HOSPITAL in Malawi.
  • April/May workshops Local Anesthesia in five hospitals in South Malawi.
  • In spring (June) and autumn urological work / training weeks in NKHOMA HOSPITAL.
  • In October Basic Trauma Life Support workshops in South and North Malawi.


June 2017,
Dr. J.J. Petit