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Annual report 2015
Theyear 2015 was disastrous for Malawi. Storms and floods in January caused the largest natural disaster in its history. The short period of abundant rains was followed by excessive drought, a sad corn harvest and, for the poorest, famine. It is also the year that Malawi ranked as the poorest country of the world. The country is as good as bankrupt. Donor countries stay out of financially supporting the Government because of corruption scandals.


But there are positive developments. In several hospitals in South, Central and North Malawi clear signs of progress could be observed. At the request of the trainers of the Clinical Officers in surgery (bachelor degree COST Africa) Gert Jan Montagne organized an intensive urological training with special attention to prostatectomy in six hospitals in January and February.
In April a surgical team consisting of 3 surgeons and a teacher visited five hospitals in Northern Malawi for workshops Basic Life Support for hospital employees. The number of participants varied from 55 (Chitipa District Hospital) to 9 (Ekwendeni Mission Hospital), 117 in total, who all received the highly valued CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE for this important course. The participating hospitals received essential equipment like blood pressure monitors, pulse oxy meters and neck collars. From April to July, Dr Montagne ran the Department of Urology of the training hospital Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. As in 2014 he was assisted by William Muronya and Rodrick Banda, surgeons in training.
In November the focus for intensive urological training was in Northern Malawi. Gert Jan Montagne and Jan Petit visited a number of clinics. Chitipa District Hospital proved to be sufficiently staffed, equipped and motivated for successful prostatectomy training. In Nkhoma Hospital the first Trans Urethral Prostate Resections for benign prostate disease could be done successfully. It was agreed to expand the urological activities in Nkhoma.


Rehabilitation doctors Rinske Grond and Maritza Beekman have visited Malawi from September to November to investigate the way rehabilitation care is practiced, to encourage knowledge exchange and optimize education programs in physical and rehabilitation medicine. They were Involved in teaching, giving lectures for students and REHAB professionals and organized a number of workshops. Hopefully this will lead to a future collaboration.


In harmonious collaboration with our English partner organization AMECA complete anesthesia equipment, submitted by St Helier Hospital, London, has been transported to the newly built surgical theater of Kalemba Hospital in Bangula, consecrated and put into use. Re-publication of the Malawi based SURGICAL HANDBOOK, intended for Clinical Officers, has been made possible by financial support of MALAWI.KOM.


Santpoort again has showed his best side. The annual hiking and cycling day on 14 June produced more than six thousand euro.

Planning 2016

Febr/March Urology follow up visit + continuation training Prostatectomy Chitipa District Hospital. Working Visit Nkhoma Hospital.
March/April Burns care courses in hospitals in South Malawi
June Fundraising Santpoort Beweegt. Santpoort culinary 4 , day rally 12 June.
Aug-Sept Urological working visit Nkhoma Hospital.
Sept/Oct Ride 4 Malawi: San Sebastian-Santpoort
Urological working visit Nkhoma Hospital
Basic Trauma Life Support courses and burn care in Northern Malawi


June 2016,
Dr. J.J. Petit